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Voipcom 2.0 - Our Updated Voice Platform

Voipcom is officially announcing the release of Voipcom 2.0 our updated voice platform. We have been working hard to bring the latest voice tech and features to our present and future clients. We are pleased to announce our new voice platform is in production. We have several new key features, and additional network redundancy. With the release of our newest platform, we have also released an updated mobile application.

New Key Features:

  • Vastly improved web interface
  • Improved call detail records reporting
  • Integrated Web Phone for remote worker who do not have a physical phone
  • Enhanced Click to Call
  • Integration with many popular system (salesforce, hubspot, etc)
  • New Mobile App

The improved web user interface allows easy monitoring of the system from an office manager. A manager can see how many calls are active, how many people are waiting in a queue, which agents are logged in or out. Combined with advanced call reporting this information can help your staff your phones accordingly.

Also integrated directly to the new system is a web based softphone. This softphone is a fully operational phone. If you are a remote worker, combine a headset with your computer setup, you do not even need a phone on your desk. This feature is also handy for traveling.

We have also released a new softphone client for use with your mobile phone. Our latest mobile app has an integrated contact list, this allows you to see from your cell phone if others in the office are on the phone, and single click dial and transfer.  You can also seamlessly transfer calls to your desk phone or mobile cell phone number if you are in a bad signal area.  You can have your extension in your pocket anywhere you go.

We have a new integration module as well for Chrome. This module has enhanced click to call, and integrations with many popular CRM's and other web tools.

If you are a current customer, we will be contacting your office to schedule an update.